What is a Walk In Bath?

walk in bath tubMany years ago, in an attempt to improve home safety, companies started manufacturing the walk in bath. Today, there are dozens of different models and styles to choose from that allow people to have more accessibility when it comes to their personal hygiene. Health problems, physical disabilities, and painful joints that cause mobility issues can be serious for people of all ages. In the past, these people were limited to taking showers with some type of chair or bench to allow them to sit down. In some cases, people didn’t even have this advantage. Another issue with this was that shower heads were fixed, making it difficult to get clean effectively when mobility limitations were involved.

Thanks to the walk in bath, anyone can get in the tub, wash themselves independently, and be safe in their own home. Walk in tubs have a door on the side that allows people to simply walk in the tub rather than having to climb over the side like standard tubs require. There are many different styles and designs that people can choose from, based on their space requirements and their own personal preferences, of course. Most of these tubs even include a swivel chair, seat, or a power seat that makes getting into the bath easier and safer than ever before.

There are traditional long walk in bath models that are similar to a traditional tub, but with the added access door and other features to aid people with limited mobility. You can also choose from a wide selection of shorter, taller tubs that are easier to fit into small spaces and that offer easier access so that people don’t have to get down so low to take a bath in the first place. The walk in bath is becoming quite popular and quite affordable, with most models ranging between $700 and $4000. While that might seem expensive, the basic models actually aren’t much more expensive than a standard bathtub. If you’ve got more to spend, you can invest in something that is higher quality or that includes more features.

As time goes on, there are likely more innovations to be made with the walk in bath. Plus, as they become more available and less demanded, the prices will probably see a slight decrease. Anyone living with mobility issues deserves a safe, accessible tub and this is the ideal solution.