Is a Mobility Scooter Expensive?

A mobility scooter is a great device for people who need additional assistance in getting around their home. If you are considering investing in one, the costs can seem a bit intimidating. The average mobility scooter runs between $500 and $2000, depending on the model that you choose and various included features. While this might sound like a lot of money, Medicare or your insurance might cover some or all of the costs for you. If you want to get your claim approved and spend little to nothing out of your own pocket, you should:

  • Visit your doctor and get a CMN, or certificate of medical necessity. This will ensure that you can prove your need.
  • Submit your claim to Medicare or your insurance for pre-approval. It will be easier to order a scooter and avoid out-of-pocket expenses when you have a pre-approval.
  • Make sure that you are unable to get around your home without a scooter, unable to operate a manual wheelchair, and can get safely in and out of the scooter and operate the controls.
  • Take advantage of merchants and other resources to help you with the process involving insurance or Medicare.

If you cannot prove medical need and have to pay out of pocket, you can also find payment plans and billing options with many merchants to help with the expenses. Plus, ordering online often gets you big discounts. While mobility scooters aren’t cheap, the benefits of having mobility and accessibility in your daily life are well worth the investment even when you do have to pay your own costs.

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