How Much Mileage Will I Get?

The mileage that you can get from a mobility scooter depends on the model, made, and battery that is being used. Every scooter is a little different, but on average your scooter should get 15-20 miles with a fully charged battery. Of course, there are some other factors that will affect your mileage, including:

  • Service and maintenance
  • Use patterns
  • User weight
  • Vehicle weight
  • Terrain scooter is used on
  • Charging habits and patterns

If you don’t overload your scooter and don’t let the battery run out, you’ll be able to keep the mileage up. You should charge your scooter every day, based on the instructions in the manual that comes with the scooter. Usually, it takes about 8-14 hours to charge a battery fully, and you should be sure not to overcharge your battery and disconnect it once the charging has completed. This will optimize your mileage with your mobility scooter.

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