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This medical alert system is probably the best among all the other systems we evaluated. It is easy to use and is available for less than $30 a month, depending on the billing option chosen. The medical alert console and the button are highly functional, both of which can send help immediately in seconds. However, the best part about LifeStation is its remarkable monitoring service. Callers can expect to speak to real people from LifeStation’s own monitoring center.


The main reason this product has historically been very reliable is because LifeStation has its own dedicated monitoring center. Unlike some medical alert systems that outsource their monitoring, LifeStation proudly operates its own center. The Care Specialists who receive the calls are all employees of LifeStation. In addition, two people handle each emergency call. One stays on the line with the caller, while the other contacts emergency services or loved ones. As a result, LifeStation monitoring is more efficient than others, sending help faster to the person in need. In addition, the system has a backup battery that keeps the system working even when the power goes out.

Ease of Use

Like most medical alert systems, LifeStation is easy to use. Help is summoned with the push of a button. The medical alert device comes with a medical alarm button available through three types of attachments: neck pendant, wristband or belt clip. In case of an emergency, the wearer just needs to press the button to instantly speak with a LifeStation Care Specialist. As for the medical alert console, it also has an emergency help button. Even if the person has fallen down, the console still allows for communication with its enhanced speaker and voice equipment.


When a consumer gets a LifeStation medical alert system, he or she gets a great deal. For less than $30 dollars a month, an individual gets easy access to emergency services whenever the need arises. LifeStation provides three billing options for the consumer: annual ($27.95/month), quarterly ($28.95/month) and monthly ($29.95/month). Lifestation also provides a $1 monthly senior discount and does not have any hidden fees, or require any deposit. LifeStation provides free shipping and does not require the customer to sign any long-term contract. This allows a customer to cancel their services anytime without worrying about penalties or fees.


LifeStation provides an excellent medical alert system. Medical alert systems need to be reliable and our research shows that indeed LifeStation is a reliable product that provides help with just a touch of a button. Even with a power outage, people can still rely on their services because the system works with a backup battery. Communication between the caller and Care Specialist will be established even if the caller has fallen down. With the LifeStation medical alert system, the caller will speak with a Care Specialist instead of a recording. Every client is assured of a dependable monitoring service because LifeStation does not offshore or outsource its services; it has its own monitoring center. Overall, LifeStation is a great choice for a medical alert system.

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Feature Checklist

24/7 Emergency Call Support
24/7 Tech Support
30 day Money Back Guarantee
911 Phone Service
Activity Assurance
Additional buttons
Power Failure Battery Life32 Hours
BBB RatingA+
Beltclip Button
Contract RequiredNone - Month to Month
Hallway button
Lifetime Equipment Guarantee
Lock Box
Monthly Fee$28.95
Monthly Fee DiscountsSeniors $1 off
Pendant Button
Range of Emergency Button400 Ft
Setup Fee$0
Setup Fee Discountn/a
Waterproof Button
Wristband Button
Years in Business35 Years