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LifeFone is truly a great choice for a medical alarm system. Backed with three decades in the personal response service industry, LifeFone distinguishes itself to be among the most reputable medical alarm systems out there. In the aspects of dependability, ease of use and cost, LifeFone proves to be a cut above the rest.


For years, LifeFone has proven itself to be trustworthy. After all, it has been in the emergency response industry for 30 years, serving caregivers, seniors and their loved ones all throughout the United States and Canada. However, the best proof is the fact that LifeFone is a top rated medical alarm that has been recognized by top healthcare services and senior organizations. In addition, LifeFone proves itself to be reliable because it enables emergency services to move with the subscriber. For instance, the system can be reactivated in a new location the moment the subscriber needs to relocate, regardless if it is just for a week or a season. LifeFone also comes with a free emergency response card. Through this card, healthcare providers overseas can have access to the subscriber’s Personalized Profile in case of an emergency. Even if there is a power failure, the LifeFone console can still work for up to 36 hours.

Ease of Use

The LifeFone alarm system is very easy to use. In the event of an emergency, the individual just needs to press the lightweight and waterproof pendant or wristlet button, or the emergency button in the console itself. Pressing the button allows the person to get instant medical assistance from a LifeFone Care Specialist, who will notify emergency services, family and other contacts. The neck pendant or the wristlet that comes with system does not have batteries that need to be changed.


LifeFone makes 24-hour protection available for less than a dollar a day. It is one of the medical alert systems that provide an affordable rate for its services. For an annual billing, the price is only $24.95 per month. For a quarterly or monthly billing, the prices are $27.95 per month and $29.95 per month respectively. The aforementioned prices include the base unit, choice of pendant or wristlet, as well as the monthly monitoring. There are no fees to be paid for activation or cancellation. LifeFone also does not provide a long-term contract.


LifeFone has proven itself to be an outstanding medical alarm system. Its three decades in the industry is a testament to the quality of service it provides to seniors, caregivers and anyone else who is in need of a dependable medical alarm. LifeFone is truly reliable, and not just because its equipment are easy to use. It is reliable because the protection it offers goes where the individual goes. Even with travel or relocation, a person is kept safe and secure thanks to LifeFone. The best part about LifeFone is that the 24-hour protection it gives can be availed for a very reasonable price. Regardless of the billing option chosen, the price is still within one’s budget.

Monthly Fee$29.95
Contract RequiredNone - Month to Month
Setup Fee$0
30 day Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Emergency Call Support
911 Phone Service
Pendant Button
Wristband Button
Beltclip Button
Monthly Fee Discounts
Lifetime Equipment Guarantee
Power Failure Battery Life36 Hours
Hallway button
Activity Assurance
Additional buttons
Lock Box
Waterproof Button
Range of Emergency Button1000 Ft
24/7 Tech Support
BBB RatingA+
Years in Business30 Years