How Do You Make a Will?

There are a lot of different ways that you can go about making a will. The most obvious method, of course, is to hire a lawyer to help you distribute your assets and write a will that serves as the contract describing your wishes for those assets after your death. However, for people who want a better, more convenient, or even more affordable solution, there are other options. The internet makes it easy to write a will on your own, thanks to form kits and software programs that you can use to create all types of legal documents.

The basic process of writing a will starts with dividing up your assets into categories, and then declaring your wishes for them after your death. This also needs to be done for any dependent children or family members, as well as pets. You don’t have to go through and list every single item that you own. That could be time-consuming and tedious, in fact. Most people stick to naming major assets and then collectively listing the rest of their belongings and their wishes for them. There are three basic ways to make a will:

1) Use an attorney. This is by far the most common solution, but it also involves the most expense and hassle. Hiring a lawyer will take time and require you to rearrange your schedule to meet with them, but it is an option that you have.

2) Write the will yourself. Using samples or other family members’ wills as a guide, you can write your own will. However, you could run the risk of using a bad sample or not following your state’s laws in writing this document, which could lead to serious complications after your death.

3) Use pre-made kits, forms, or software programs. The internet is the best solution for making a will in today’s world. Not only will you find state-specific forms and kits that you can use, but you will also get the convenience of being able to do the will on your own time. You will have to find reputable tools and resources, but once you do, the process is simple and affordable. Often, all that you have to do is fill in the blanks and get your will notarized to protect your assets through a legal will.

No matter what you choose, you have to understand that making a will is an important step in preparing your future. Having one will give you peace of mind and you will definitely get great results when you use the tools and resources that you can find online to help you make your will.

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