How To Make A Will

A Will is the best way for a person to state their wishes about how they wish there estate to be handled in the event of their death. A well thought out Will can greatly simplify the transition of assets to a person’s survivors.

A Will can provide peace of mind that your affairs are in order but surveys show that up to 70% of Americans do not have a proper or valid Will. The goal of this page is to ensure that you have the tools to ensure that you can take the steps to properly determine how your assets are divided upon your passing.

Making a Will: An Introduction

What is a Will?

Making A Will

How do you Make a Will?
Where can I Make a Will?
What does it Cost to Make a Will?

Getting Help With Your Will

Where to Buy a Will?
How do I Find a Will Online?
Will Software, Will Forms, and Will Kits

In Conclusion

Not having a Will or having an outdated Will can have grave consequences that negatively affect those you love. They include the following:

1) Your Estate will take Longer to Settle: If you do not have a will the government will get involved stretching the time till when your loved ones get their inheritance.

2) A Portion of Your Assets Wasted: Without a will, it will cost more money to determine who gets your savings and property. The expenses required to settle your estate comes from your estate.

3) Loss of Control: Without a will the government will decide who gets your assets. Left without a Will a stranger will make a decision that you may never have wanted.

4) No Will can Cause a Family Fight: If you do not have a will that state your wishes, your heirs will not know what you want and easily lead to a family fight.

Having a current will avoids any negative impact to your heirs and allows you to have the peace of mind that your affairs have been properly looked after.