US Home Alarm Review

Review Summary

US Home Alarm is an authorized subsidy of AK Security Solutions. This company offers a lot of different options for home security monitoring and protection, making it easy for people to get the security that they need. It’s stated numerous times that this is NOT a monitoring company, but that it partners with them to provide home security systems to give people the peace of mind that they deserve. Use this home security review to learn more and see if US Home Security is right for you.


  • Free home security equipment
  • Affordable installation and monitoring costs
  • Transparency on the website regarding products and services


  • US Home Alarm is NOT an actual monitoring service
  • There isn’t a lot of information about additional equipment or its costs
  • Customers are subject to credit approval and a 36 month contract

Bottom Line:

US Home Alarm might have some good services to offer. However, because they’re NOT a home security monitoring company, it might be a little more difficult for you to trust the protection that you are getting. When you get information from a “friend of a friend of a friend”, it’s usually lost in translation along the way. Protecting your home is the same and before you work with this company that simply partners with monitoring services, you need to make sure that they can protect you and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

The Breakdown

Monitoring Services

Monitoring services through US Home Alarm are actually partnered with various home security companies throughout the nation. Customers do still get 24/7 support, 365 days a year. The monitoring protects customers from theft, intrusion, fire, medical emergencies, and more. The unique thing that this company offers, by working with multiple partners, is that if one center is unavailable, another will take over to ensure that you are always protected.

Home Security Equipment Needed/Offered

US Home Alarm features a variety of home security equipment for customers to choose from. They include all of the basic equipment free with your purchase of a package and professional installation. The equipment that is available varies from one package to the next but includes:

  • Door contacts
  • Motion detectors
  • Keypad/control panel
  • Interior siren
  • Manual police and fire buttons
  • Smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, water, and freeze sensors (optional)
  • Yard signs and window decals

Customers can also enjoy home security equipment add-ons such as:

  • Pet-sensitive motion detectors
  • Battery backup source

According to the website, the free security system equipment is an $850 value, but is included when you sign up for a 36-month agreement and pay the minimum $35.99 per month and the $99 installation charge. Other packages and plans are available, and credit history does affect equipment costs.


Installation is done by professionals from US Home Alarm or their authorized partners. There is a $99 installation fee that must be paid in order to have this service completed. Getting scheduled is fairly flexible, and you will get a lifetime guarantee on your installation services so that you know that you’re always protected and things are done right the first time.


US Home Alarm offers reliable monitoring and security solutions to all types of customers. They are rated as a Consumers Digest Best Buy solution, giving you peace of mind in who you’re working with. They also offer a lifetime warranty and more than a century of home security experience to ensure that customers get all of the monitoring solutions that they deserve.

Price/Costs Involved

According to US Home Alarm, 36-month contracts are required for all customers. The prices that are listed include:

  • $99 installation charge
  • $35.99 per month for basic monitoring
  • $40.00 per month for premium monitoring
  • $44.99 per month for cellular monitoring

The various packages include different levels of services. The company also claims to offer a $100 gift card for new customers as its current promotion, along with a variety of other special offers and deals. They have a referral program that can help you cut costs, as well. Although they list a variety of included and optional home security equipment, the prices are not actually provided on the website.

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