Protection 1 Security Solutions Review

Review Summary

Protection 1 Security Solutions offers home security systems and business security monitoring for customers across the nation. The company claims to be among the largest security solutions in the country, offering things like professional installation, affordable programs, flexible financing, and wireless solutions for customers. For the sake of this home security review, we will be exploring the residential solutions offered by Protection 1. While the website provides a lot of information, this home security review should help you learn more about whether this company is right for you.


  • One of the nation’s largest security companies
  • Free equipment with your package purchase
  • Same-day service options


  • Lack of pricing information available
  • All packages require 3-year contract
  • No explanation regarding installation or packages available

Bottom Line:

Protection 1 might be a top-rated company, but they lack a lot of basic information that consumers could use to influence their decision. For people who aren’t going to go out of their way to apply for a quote or call the company, this one will quickly be crossed off the list. It seems that Protection 1 does have some viable, reliable options for home security systems. However, their lack of full disclosure regarding packages, installation, prices, and other elements may scare away consumers who don’t want to have to “call to learn more”.

The Breakdown

Monitoring Services

Protection 1 offers state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring that is UL listed, wireless, and secure. Their security solutions also come with LifeLock Identity Protection free, which is a limited time offer as it appears on the site. They have monitoring solutions of all shapes and sizes, but all customers get the dependable, 24 hour support that they deserve. Monitoring includes protection from theft, medical emergencies, smoke, fire, and other perils that your home and family should be protected from.

Home Security Equipment Needed/Offered

With a Protection 1 security system, equipment is included. All of the packages include a basic set of equipment, but additional pieces can be purchased separately as well. Customers who sign up for this program are given:

  • Keypad
  • 3 entry sensors
  • Indoor siren
  • Duress code
  • 24-hour battery and power supply
  • Pet-safe motion detector
  • Window decal and yard sign
  • Keychain remote

Protection 1 also offers consumers the chance to purchase equipment separately, including:

  • Alpha, talking, or touch screen keypad
  • Bi-directional key fob
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • Door/window contacts
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Heat/temperature sensors
  • Water leak or flood sensors


Protection 1 doesn’t offer a lot of insight about their installation services on the website. It seems that their focus is on getting customers to call for more information. They do feature a SecureMove program that guarantees that consumers will be able to take their monitoring with them, provided that they meet the terms and conditions. There is a mention of a $99 installation fee starting point as well as a possible $49 activation fee, but the exact details are not disclosed on the website.


Protection 1 is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. They also are the second largest security company in the nation. With more than 1 million customers, they definitely have the size on their side. Their services include same-day options, instant connections via phone and email, and no hassles of automated systems or waiting for service or installation. They also offer:

  • Free evaluations
  • LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
  • Highly trained professionals nationwide
  • Expert installation

Price/Costs Involved

The only mention of costs on the site is the advertised “as low as” $24.99 per month monitoring rate, which requires an existing alarm system and a 3-year monitoring contract. The equipment costs and monthly monitoring options are not readily displayed for consumer education. Instead, they recommend that people apply for a free quote or evaluation to learn their options and get the customized solution that works for their home. There are hints of installation fees starting at $99 and activation fees of $49, but again it’s not specific as to where those apply or how they are determined.

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