Guardian Protection Services Review

Review Summary

Guardian Protection Services offers security solutions for residential and business customers, in addition to working with existing structures as well as new construction. Their affiliation as a subsidy of Armstrong Group makes them a popular name in the home security system industry, and their products feature high-tech solutions for today’s home and business owners.


  • Five-Diamond Certification
  • Average response times of 1 minute or less
  • Best Price Guarantee


  • Best Price Guarantee only applies to installation and activation costs
  • Basic monitoring packages don’t include lifetime warranty
  • Pricing not openly listed on website

Bottom Line:

Guardian is a known company in the home security monitoring industry. They have received awards for their services over the years and use their experience to provide customers with security solutions that work. While they do offer support and solutions for home and business customers, the lack of transparent pricing information can be bothersome to potential customers. It appears that consumers have to call to schedule an appointment or consultation in order to learn about pricing options for various packages and solutions, which can be a deal breaker for some customers.

The Breakdown

Monitoring Services

Guardian offers home security products and monitoring services for residential and commercial customers, including new construction services. They feature 24/7 monitoring, with trained professional support that is always there when it is needed. The monitoring devices include everything from basic panels to high-tech, full-feature panels that keep your home or business safe on many different levels.

While monitoring services do their job, with an average response time of less than a minute, the various included features that you get depend on the package that is selected. All basic packages DO include:

  • Theft protection guarantee
  • Fire/medical emergency monitoring
  • Standard equipment
  • Relocation guarantee

If you choose a higher package, you can also get monitoring solutions like weather alerts, VoiceLink service, empower lights, locks, and thermostats, and more.

Home Security Equipment Needed/Offered

The Guardian Protection Services home security equipment is fairly standard. You can choose from a variety of equipment and solutions, according to the website. The digital keypad or panel is required to operate the system at a basic level, and it is assumed that other equipment, such as motion detectors and entryway protection will be offered, but it is hard to determine which equipment is actually needed for various packages. They do offer a list of solutions, which feature things like:

  • Remote home control
  • Wireless home security
  • Glass break detectors
  • Motion sensors
  • Window and door contacts
  • Video cameras
  • Smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Medical emergency call buttons and pendants
  • Customer care dashboard (accessible via internet)


Installation is a paid service with Guardian Protection Services. There is no mention of free installation with package purchase, but they do offer a price matching service for customers who find better installation or activation rates elsewhere. They also offer the Quality Installation Guarantee, which guarantees that installation will be done correctly, corrected if there are problems within the first 6 months, or that installation costs and monitoring fees will be refunded. This is subject to terms and conditions, of course.


Guardian Protection Services has been Five-Diamond certified by the Central Station Alarm Association. They also have other certifications and awards that speak to their reliability and reputation as a leader in the home security industry. Their business security solutions are just as reputable and reliable, giving consumers the peace of mind that they deserve.

The big selling point for this company with their home security alarm system is that their average response time is 1 minute or less, which is quite exceptional in comparison to other companies that might take 3-5 minutes to respond.

Price/Costs Involved

The pricing for Guardian Protection services are not readily available on the website. While the home page states that monitoring is available from $29.95 per month, that is the only discussion of costs that could be found. That price, likely, is for the basic package for existing homes.

There is a payment calculator located under the “new construction” section of the website, but it still does NOT provide costs for equipment, monitoring services, installation, or activation. To learn about pricing and costs involved, customers are required to contact Guardian directly.

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