Does an Alarm System Stop an Intruder?

Having an alarm system is always going to give you peace of mind. However, a lot of people have lingering questions about these systems and whether they are actually effective at deterring intruders from the home. There are a lot of variables involved, of course, but you can depend on these systems to meet your needs when you are looking for a better solution. Does an alarm system stop an intruder? That depends on things like:

  • How determined the intruder is. Some are instantly startled and leave the premises when an alarm goes off. Others know how systems work and will still think that they can get away with whatever crime they are committing before the police are alerted or that they have time to try something instead of leaving empty-handed. For the most part, the right alarm system should scare most intruders away.
  •  What types of lights and sounds the system has. The more obnoxious your alarm system, the more likely it is to alert the neighbors or scare off the intruder. A silent alarm might seem like a good idea, for example, but it’s not going to be effective at stopping anything from happening. Get a system with a loud alarm and see if you can get flashing lights or other sensors as well so that you have the best chances at deterring thieves.
  •  Whether the system is used. This might sound a bit silly, but the reality is that a lot of people don’t effectively use their alarm systems once they are installed. You have to take the time to learn the system and set it every single time if you really want to get the most out of your investment and stop intruders from ransacking your home, stealing your valuables, or worse, hurting your family.

You can’t generalize whether alarm systems will stop intruders. Having an alarm system automatically makes your home safer, but only if you use it. Still, some intruders might not be deterred and some alarm systems might not be intimidating enough to scare them off. However, the majority of the time, even just having a sign in your yard that states that you have an alarm is a great deterrent because most intruders won’t even run the risk of getting caught. It’s all about exploring your options and finding the right alarm system for your needs. If you find the right system and use it correctly, you’ll have a much safer home.

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