Alarm Zone Review

Review Summary

AlarmZone uses GE monitoring to offer its home security system to consumers. This company offers a free security quote along with comparison charts to other services right on their home page. The company features 5 different packages for consumers to choose from, along with detailed information to make choosing the best home security system easy for consumers.


  • Free equipment
  • Plans as low as $30 a month
  • Comparison information offered at website


  • Very sales-focused
  • No installation information on website
  • No pricing information on website

Bottom Line:

AlarmZone seems to have a good solution. As a GE authorized dealer, they offer plenty of free equipment to consumers when they sign up with various security monitoring plans. However, the information the website is limited and very focused on sales. Consumers are required to contact the company to learn more about packages, pricing, and other details, which can be a big hassle for some people. It seems like the free equipment might be worth the call, but watch for hidden fees, activation costs, and contract agreements that might not be explained on the website.

The Breakdown

Monitoring Services

AlarmZone offers 24/7/365 monitoring to its consumers. This allows you to rest easy, knowing that your home is protected from anything that might go wrong. This company includes wireless security monitoring with high-tech solutions for customers who might not have a landline phone in their home anymore. The GE security system offered is wireless and allows customers to use a broadband internet connection if no phone line is available to offer a connection source for the home security alarm system.

Home Security Equipment Needed/Offered

AlarmZone is giving away home security equipment with most of their packages. Of course, there are terms and conditions involved in this offer that have to be considered. Customers must agree to and sign an agreement, as well as having a sufficient credit score, in order to qualify for free equipment. Those who qualify will get the following options:

  • Control pad plus motion detector plus 3 entry sensors
  • Control pad plus motion detector plus 7 entry sensors
  • Control pad plus 10 entry sensors
  • Control pad plus motion detector plus 12 entry sensors
  • Control pad plus motion detector plus 15 entry sensors

In addition, all home security packages are being offered with 2 free key fobs for remote activation and disarming. For consumers who are looking for additional equipment or more security solutions, AlarmForce offers:

  • Control panel upgrade
  • Extra keychain remotes
  • Extra sensors
  • Additional keypads
  • Medical pendants
  • Flood sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Overhead garage sensors

The website also suggests that you can get more equipment and information about pricing via the ‘Free Quote’ application on the site.


The website doesn’t offer any information regarding installation of AlarmZone services and home security equipment. They seem to focus more on the costs of the system and how much they can give customers, encouraging them to contact the company for more information. It is likely that installation is required to be done by the AlarmZone professionals, but this cannot be verified or given a cost until the company is contacted.


AlarmZone seems to have a customer-focused operation. They offer confirmation that information is always private and secure, and that they are standing by to offer support to customers at all times. There is no mention of awards or service associations, but they are an authorized GE dealer for home security equipment and monitoring. It seems that their service would be reliable, but aside from mention of 24/7 monitoring and support, it doesn’t say much about them on the website.

Price/Costs Involved

The only information that AlarmZone offers regarding the costs of their home security products and monitoring services is that the plans start at just $29.95 per month. The equipment that is offered is a hot topic, as much of it is included FREE with the customer agreement. The equipment that you get depends on the package that you choose, but each includes:

  • FREE control panel
  • FREE motion detector (NOT included in Standard Plan)
  • FREE entry sensors (quantity varies based on plan)
  • FREE keychain remotes for a limited time

There is additional equipment available for consumers, but once again pricing is not readily available. Instead, AlarmZone asks customers to contact them for a free quote so that they can offer pricing and monitoring information directly.

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