Alarm Force Review

Review Summary

AlarmForce is a company that offers a variety of home security system options for consumers at affordable prices. There are various packages and products to choose from and rates are much lower than many companies that offer home security products today. In order to determine if AlarmForce is the right solution for your needs, check out this home security review.


  • Free installation and activation
  • Free lifetime warranty on equipment
  • Live two-way monitoring INCLUDED with every package


  • Installation only available in servicing areas
  • Three-year contract required for most services
  • No equipment prices listed, must request more info from company

Bottom Line:

AlarmForce seems to have a reputable service in place for those who want home security with a more affordable price tag. Of course, there is some information that is lacking on their website, which could be a hassle for consumers who don’t want to have to contact the company to learn more. This seems to be an affordable solution as long as you’re willing to get in touch to learn more from the company directly. Equipment pricing transparency on the website, however, would be the preferred option.

The Breakdown

Monitoring Services

AlarmForce offers live two-way security monitoring for its customers. This service has won awards for its reputability and support. Monitoring is available 24/7, 365 days a year, giving people the peace of mind that they deserve. Customers can choose from wireless home security, standard alarm services, and AlarmCare, which is a plan that offers security and medical emergency protection for customers.

The monitoring services offered by AlarmForce come in many different packages, making it easy for people to get the customized solution that they need. They also offer a “Competitive Edge” comparison on their website where customers can type in any home security monitoring service and compare them to AlarmForce. One of the selling features of this company is that they offer the live two-way monitoring standard, when most companies would charge an upgrade for a service like this.

Home Security Equipment

AlarmForce has three different packages, all which come with different included equipment. In addition to the standard home security equipment, AlarmForce customers can add other tools to their system. These include things like:

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Flood sensors
  • Key fobs
  • Temperature sensors
  • Wireless security systems
  • Back-up batteries
  • Motion sensors
  • Door contacts
  • Keypad/control panel upgrades
  • Cameras

There is a lot of equipment mentioned on the site, but there is not a product page that specifically showcases the home security equipment offered by this company. Therefore, consumers may have to request information to learn about all available products.


Installation with AlarmForce is done by the company’s licensed technicians. With the basic Home Alarm package, this is a free service that comes with no activation fees or charges. If consumers choose to upgrade to AlarmPlus or the AlarmCare services, there will be setup fees and additionally monthly costs included in the price that they pay for home security monitoring. Installation takes only 1-2 hours, according to the website and is done as efficiently as possible depending on the packages that you choose.


AlarmForce features live two-way monitoring at all times, which makes it a lot more reliable from the start. The company also has received customer service awards and recognition for its services through the years. In addition, customers can also get warranties and guarantees on the products and services offered by AlarmForce, including:

  • Cost-freeze guarantee
  • Full lifetime equipment warranty
  • Free installation, activations, and other features

The company also has 20 years of experience in North America for home security monitoring. That gives many consumers the peace of mind that they need in choosing a home security system.

Price/Costs Involved

The cost of AlarmForce home security equipment and monitoring is a little vague on the website. The packages that are available include:

  • HomeAlarm: $25 a month with free activation, installation, and warranty
  • AlarmPlus: $99 setup fee plus $4.95 per month when added to HomeAlarm service
  • AlarmCare: $28 per month with free installation, activation, and warranty

The cost of equipment, including the different elements that are included in each package, is not disclosed on the website. Consumers will have to request information to get a product catalog and pricing for the various pieces of home security equipment offered by AlarmForce.

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