Advanced Direct Security Review

 Advanced Direct
Base Monthly Price$35.99
Installation Fee$99
Equipment Cost$0
Installation Rebate$100
24 Hour Monitoring
Alarm SystemADT

Review Summary

Advanced Direct Security operates as an authorized ADT dealer, offering home security products to consumers who are looking to protect their home. By working with the leader in home security, this company is already on the positive side of home security systems reviews. Of course, there is much more to consider. Take a look at this home security review to learn more.


  • Security monitoring provided by ADT, ranked well in home security
  • Offers free hardware for security system
  • Provides free consultations for new customers


  • 36-month agreement required for free hardware deal
  • Credit history must be satisfactory
  • No cameras, limited equipment

Bottom Line:

People who are looking for a basic home security system can find benefits from the ADT products and services offered through the Advanced Direct Security. Although the system only includes the basic equipment and requires an extensive agreement, it does offer affordable protection for people who want something simple in terms of home security.

The Breakdown

Monitoring Services

Advanced Direct Security offers home monitoring systems with 24-hour support. Trained professionals are on call 24/7, 365 days a year, which gives many homeowners the peace of mind that they are looking for. The monitoring device even includes a 24-hour backup battery supply in case power is lost and security monitoring is still needed. Anytime the alarm is sounded, actual people will be notified of the situation. They will, in turn, call to verify the alarm activation and notify the proper authorities, leaving you time to make sure that you’re safe if you’re in the home.

When you’re not home, monitoring services will give you the peace of mind that your home is protected. In the event of an alarm, you will be notified and once it is validated that it isn’t a false alarm, or if you are unable to be reached, the proper authorities will be called. This company responds immediately to all alerts and is ready with a plan of action in the event that some type of emergency is taking place at your home. Systems include manual police and fire alarms in addition to the standard monitored alarm for home invasions, as well.

Home Security Equipment Needed/Offered

The ADT system offered with this service includes a variety of equipment that you need to protect your home. Although the equipment is standard, for the most part, you do get some extras that might not be found in other systems. The equipment offered with this service includes:

  • Digital keypad
  • Remote keychain access (75 ft. range)
  • Motion detector with pet sensor
  • 3 entryway protection points
  • Battery backup
  • ADT yard signs and window decals

In addition to this standard equipment, customers can also purchase separately:

  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smoke and heat sensors (system upgrade required)
  • Water and freeze sensors (system upgrade required)


Advanced Direct Security offers professional installation ($99 charge) of the system from an ADT-trained professional. The wireless alarm system will be installed and the operation will be explained to homeowners by the professional. This helps homeowners learn and understand how to use their system and exactly what it can do to protect their family.

Reliability of ADT Home Security

ADT is ranked as the #1 home security company, offering reliable service to all customers who own a home security system from this brand. Their reputation precedes them in most of the services that they offer, giving consumers the peace of mind that they deserve. In addition, for even more peace of mind, this ADT home security system includes the following guarantees:

  • Money-Back Service
  • Theft Protection
  • Mover’s Security

Certain restrictions are applicable with these guarantees. Customers are also given a homeowner’s insurance certificate to help reduce their home insurance costs, as well as access to the six-center ADT monitoring network, a nationwide network of ADT call centers and professionals.

Price/Costs Involved

This home security system includes a lot of different costs that have to be considered. The showcased offer on the homepage shows that the equipment itself is free with the promo code provided, which they claim to be valued at $850. If you do choose to work with Advanced Direct Security and ADT, you will be responsible for:

  • $99 installation charge
  • $35.99 per month monitoring for 36 months ($1295.64 total) for basic service

Additional packages are available beyond the basic home security packages. For customers who want more features with their home security alarm aside from basic monitoring and burglary protection, these packages are something to consider. They include:

  • $40.99/month with two-way communication
  • $44.99/month with CellGuard service
  • $49.99/month with remote arm/disarm, web/mobile access and notifications, and event history
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