What Types of Hearing Aids are There?

There are plenty of different types of hearing aids to choose from. Depending on your hearing needs or the styles that are most attractive, you will need to figure out which aids are going to be best. From the method of sound magnification to the style and size of the aids, there are plenty of different types on the market today. Here are some basics that you should know.

Digital vs. Analog Hearing Aids

Believe it or not, analog hearing aids are still available. These aids are more affordable but they don’t offer a high quality of sound. Therefore, most wearers today choose digital hearing aids. These devices are assisted by technology to improve the quality of sound and offer exact duplication without any issues. The quality of hearing is much better with digital aids.

Types of Hearing Aids

Behind the Ear: These hearing aids rest behind the ear, containing most of the parts in a small case made of plastic. This is connected to an earpiece that is inserted in the ear to improve hearing. These are most commonly used for children because they are easier to modify with age and more durable. There is also now a ‘mini’ version of this style available.

In-Ear: These are the more discreet option for adults who need hearing aids. This style of hearing aid is contained in one small device that fits in the outer part of the ear. These are a bit larger and easier to handle, but also more noticeable than in-canal hearing aids.

In-Canal: These hearing aids are completely kept inside the ear. Depending on the style, they can slightly stick out or they can go completely into the canal for optimal discretion and invisibility. These are small and discreet, but are often hard to handle because of their tiny size.

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