Rosebud SP Premium Behind The Ear


The Rosebud SP Premium is a behind-the-ear hearing aid that is designed for moderate to severe hearing loss. This aid uses the latest technology to improve hearing quality for people who face serious hearing loss in their daily lives. The customizable amplification is designed to help specifically with high or low frequency needs, as dictated by each individual user. With a variety of high-tech features and functions, the Rosebud SP Premium offers the latest technology for wearers at an affordable price. Digital technology is used to ensure maximum hearing improvement for users of all kinds. This hearing aid is a bit larger than other behind-the-ear style devices, but still provides maximum comfort for users who have significant hearing issues.


-Dual directional microphones
-Dynamic speech enhancement to improve conversational hearing
-Tri-Layer Noise Reduction to eliminate background noise
-Feedback Shield to reduce and cancel feedback
-Hydroguard for protection from moisture and humidity
-100% digital technology
-Telesolutions, which is a specific mode for telephone use
-Multi-memory programming to offer flexibility in different environments
-12 channels for maximum hearing flexibility
-4-channel compression for speech enhancement
-Free programming and support


The Rosebud SP Premium retails online for $899, and a discount is offered when you buy a pair of these hearing aids. For two, you will pay $1599, which is a savings of almost $200 compared to buying them separately. Additionally, you will spend up to three times less when you buy online than if you were to purchase these aids from a hearing center.

The warranty for the Rosebud SP Premium is a one-year warranty that covers repairs for manufacturer defects and extended warranties are available. Improper handling, use, or damage will not be covered. Non-authorized service providers or third-party damage voids the warranty for this hearing aid.

The Bottom Line

While this is a larger style of behind-the-ear hearing aid, the Rosebud SP Premium does offer some good features for people who have serious hearing loss issues. When it isn’t possible to have a smaller, more discreet style because of the demand for hearing needs, this device seems to fit the bill. Customer reviews are generally positive for the Rosebud SP Premium and the price is definitely affordable compared to other models out there. If you have moderate to severe hearing loss and you need a device that can stand up to your hearing demands, this is one that worth checking out.

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