Rosebud In the Ear Hearing Aid Review


The Rosebud Basic in-ear hearing aid is designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. This device is small and discreet, as are many of today’s hearing aid models, but it also packs a lot of power for a small device. The Rosebud relies on digital technology to improve the quality of hearing for users with moderate hearing loss issues, without the extra frills and high-tech features of some more expensive models. While having high-tech hearing devices can be useful, some people need a more affordable, basic solution. That’s exactly what the Rosebud offers to its users.


-100% digital technology
-Accessible volume control
-2 channels
-12-band equalizer for flexibility
-2 memory settings for customized hearing and easy adjustment between environments
-Speech enhancement technology to improve clarity of speech
-Feedback reduction to eliminate whistling and other obnoxious feedback
-Telephone-friendly technology to make phone calls clearer
-Affordable price for more basic hearing improvement needs


The Rosebud Basic is sold online only, with a price of $299 per aid. This is a lot more affordable than most hearing aids on the market, which is the point of this specific model. You can purchase the Rosebud Basic individually or in pairs, although no special discounts are offered for buying a pair, like you get from some brands.

This hearing device includes a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects or damage, which does not cover things like misuse, excessive damage, or loss of the hearing device. You also get free shipping from the website, along with a 60-day money back guarantee on your purchase so that you can try Rosebud Basic before you commit completely.

The Bottom Line

Rosebud Basic doesn’t require a hearing exam, and its basic design is perfect for users who need something a little less high-tech for their hearing needs. The money-back guarantee is something that makes it worth a try, even for those who aren’t entirely sure it is ideal. The affordable price also makes this an attractive item, but again it isn’t going to provide assistance to everyone. For basic hearing improvement without the hassles or extra frills, the Rosebud Basic definitely deserves a look.

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