HearPal Hearing Aid Review


The HearPal is a unique hearing aid that is designed to offer magnification of sound for people who have only mild hearing issues. This is a non-prescription magnifying device that is an affordable alternative to actual hearing aids for people who aren’t quite ready for them. This convenient device is small and discreet and includes a functional volume control that makes adjustments easy. Advertised as ideal for meetings, lectures, church, or even just listening to soft-spoken voices, the HearPal is simple to use and offers affordable sound quality improvement for anyone who has difficulty hearing in some settings.


-Same high-quality manufacturing standards as hearing aids
-Non-prescription device
-Digital technology used for optimal hearing improvement
-Small design with interchangeable pillows for various ear sizes
-Easy access volume control


The HearPal is priced at $279, or you can purchase a pair for $500. This is quite reasonable compared to the cost of most hearing devices and aids, and is likely due to the lack of prescription-quality features and functions. This magnification aid is an affordable alternative to traditional hearing aids, but also might be a bit cost-inhibitive for some people.

As this is a hearing magnification device and not a standard hearing aid, the warranty and support that you get from HearPal will not be as extensive. However, users do get a full 6-month warranty against defects and related issues. This warranty doesn’t cover misuse, excessive damage, or devices that are lost or stolen, however. You may be able to get extended warranty coverage, but the website doesn’t explicitly mention how to do so. HearPal also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase, allowing you to try it for yourself before you commit fully.

The Bottom Line

When you’re not quite ready for hearing aids, but you need some assistance in your daily life with hearing, HearPal is definitely an option to consider. It does have a higher price tag than some magnification devices on the market today, but its features and technology seem to make it worth the investment for people who want something better. Ultimately, the choice will be yours to make. However, if you are looking for something discreet and effective for magnifying sounds without the hassles of prescription hearing aids, HearPal might be worth checking out.

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