Hearing Test

The hearing tests below are a great starting point to check for hearing issues. To get a deeper analysis of your hearing loss you should visit a hearing clinic. They have professional equipment to test hearing loss and can help you better understand what type of hearing loss you have. These hearing tests don’t require signup and are free to use.

Hear The World
Background Noise Hearing Test
This is an innovative hearing test that will check how well you can hear someone with background noise. It’s Flash-based so it might load a little slower in your browser than other tests. As this test plays various words with background noise you’ll have to click the picture that corresponds with the word being said. It’s sponsored by a hearing manufacturer, but is still a useful test.

Questionnaire + Hearing Test
Hearing-Aid.com’s test starts with a short questionnaire and then gives you an audio test that you can do with your computer speakers or headphones. There’s little browser loading time because it doesn’t use Java or Flash, so it should work in almost everyone’s browser.