Do I Really Need Two Hearing Aids? Can I Get By With Just One?

So many people are consistently asking whether they really need two hearing aids. “Getting by” with just one hearing aid is a possibility, but the fact of the matter is that for the best hearing, you need to buy a hearing aid for each ear. Some people do only experience loss in one ear, but more than 60% of the fittings that occur in the U.S. are for dual hearing aids.

Some of the reasons that you need to buy a hearing aid for both ears include:

  • Better noise reduction and sound processing. Your ears’ focus will be much better when you have binaural hearing (two aids) than monaural (one aid) hearing. When both ears work, you can hear what you need to hear amidst the noise.
  • Optimization of positions. You don’t have to worry about using your ‘good ear’ or being too close to a noise on one side or the other. Both ears will work effectively and this will result in better hearing for you in any situation.
  • Combined signals for better hearing overall. Soft sounds won’t need to be turned up as loud and louder noises won’t be as uncomfortable when they are heard with both ears. You can enjoy lower volume and more effective listening with two good ears instead of just one.
  • Avoiding deterioration in ear that isn’t aided. If you only wore glasses over one eye, the other eye would tend to get worse over time, right? The same goes for your hearing. If only one ear has an aid, the other will likely continue to struggle and lose hearing abilities as time goes on.

Buy a Hearing Aid for Both Ears

It just makes sense to have optimal hearing in both ears. It might be a bit more of an expense, but it is something that will make your life that much better. Before you even consider buying a hearing aid, make sure that you know whether you need one or two so that you can get the best results.

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