Audition Super High Power Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Review


The Audition Super High Power hearing aid is a behind-the-ear style device that provides maximum power for users. This device features the highest peak gains that you will find from this brand. It is a single channel processor that includes multiple trimmers to fine-tune for your own hearing needs. The Audition Super High Power hearing aid is specifically for people who have severe to profound loss of hearing, as its power caters to their needs for hearing improvements. The behind-the-ear styling is moderately comfortable and the sleek design provide a discreet hearing solution for people who want it.


-100% digital technology
-Maximum gain of 136 decibels, which is very powerful
-Programmable to suit user needs
-Low-level noise reduction
-Manual volume control
-Telephone-friendly operation


The Audition Super High Power is a bit more expensive in terms of basic hearing aids, retailing for around $699 online. There are no discounts for ordering a pair of these devices like many brands and online stores offer, but they are reasonably priced compared nonetheless. Users looking for basic, affordable hearing solutions for severe loss can appreciate what they are getting for their money.

All Audition Super High Power devices come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s damage and defects. This warranty doesn’t cover excessive damage, loss or theft, or misuse of the hearing device. In addition, each purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, allowing users to try the Audition Super High Power first hand before committing completely.

The Bottom Line

The Audition Super High Power is a relatively effective option for people who want basic hearing assistance with severe hearing loss issues. This model does NOT include the feedback cancellation or speech enhancement features of many Audition styles and other brands of hearing devices, however, so that is something to consider. For the price, this is a basic model that may be worth the investment. Of course, it does lack some basic elements that you might be able to find in other models if you are willing to spend a little more. Ultimately, it will be up to you to weigh the included features, but this is a basic model that is worth considering at the least.

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