Audition SP Basic Behind the Ear Hearing Aid Review


The Audition SP is a basic behind-the-ear hearing aid that is designed for users that have moderate to severe hearing loss. This device features three customizable ‘trim pots’ that can allow users to tune their own hearing aids as needed. These do require a basic level of skill with hearing aids, but for people who are willing and able to invest the effort these are an ideal choice. The Audition SP is a durable, affordable option for people who need basic hearing assistance. There are no extra frills or hassles with this device, which is often why people choose it over more complex models. This hearing aid is reasonably comfortable for a basic device, according to most users.


-No exam needed
-100% digital technology
-3 ‘trim pots’ for customizing your hearing needs
-Discreet size and design
-Feedback cancellation to eliminate whistling and other feedback
-Manual volume control
-Speech enhancement and noise reduction features
-Telephone-friendly design


The Audition SP sells for $499 per aid. This is a nominal price compared to more high-tech models, and it can provide everyone with the solutions that they need for less. There are no discounts offered for purchasing a pair of these aids. The savings that you get from shopping online, however, are quite impressive.

The warranty for the Audition SP is a standard one-year warranty that protect against manufacturer’s defects. This device also includes a 60-day trial with a 100% money back guarantee for users who want to try the Audition SP before they commit. There may be additional warranties available for purchase, but the website doesn’t explicitly describe this option in the basic overview.

The Bottom Line

When you have moderate to severe hearing loss and want a more basic style of hearing aid, the Audition SP might be exactly what you need. It has the most basic features and elements that people are looking for without the hassles or extra features of many expensive devices. If you want high-tech, it is out there. However, when you need basic, functional hearing assistance that is affordable, the Audition SP definitely makes the cut.

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