Audition In the Canal Hearing Aid Review


The Audition hearing aid is a basic in-the-canal hearing device. This modular hearing aid has a rotating tip to accommodate use in both the left and right ear, as well as a wax trap to keep the device clean and help in alleviating clogging issues that many hearing devices have. This non-prescription hearing aid is designed for mild to moderate hearing issues that can be resolved without an exam or for people who need a more basic device. This ready-to-wear device features noise reduction and manual volume control as well as three tips to accommodate all ear sizes.


-Basic hearing improvement features and functions
-Noise reduction technology
-Feedback cancellation to eliminate feedback and whistling
-100+ hours of battery life
-Adjustable volume control
-100% digital technology


The Audition basic in-canal hearing aid retails for $399 online. There are no available discounts for purchasing a pair of these devices, but the price is substantially lower than most would expect to pay. Additionally, you can choose from left or right ear fittings, but the aids can be adjusted after your purchase as well. The affordable price of this basic model is ideal for people who want assistance with hearing without the frills or expense of high-end hearing aids.

The Audition includes a standard one year warranty that protects against defects and manufacturer issues. The warranty doesn’t cover loss of the device, excessive damage, or misuse. Additionally, you might be able to purchase an extended warranty for this device, but the product website doesn’t make this completely clear. Every Audition hearing aid comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, allowing users to try it before they commit to the device.

 The Bottom Line

If you need a basic hearing aid that doesn’t bother with all of the frills and extras, the Audition provides a viable solution. There aren’t as many unique features and customization options on this device, but it does have an affordable price. It offers basic assistance with hearing for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss without the need for an exam or a prescription. If you have more serious hearing issues, this device might not get the job done. However, when it comes to affordable basic solutions, the Audition is worth a look.

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