A++ Symphron Power Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Review


The A++ Symphron Power is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. This specific model has a variety of different features and benefits to consider in choosing the ideal hearing aid for your needs. This hearing aid uses 100% digital technology, and is programmable so that it can be customized to your needs. This small device will allow you to get the assistance that you need without the bulky feeling that usually comes from a hearing aid. It maximizes user comfort with its advanced design, which is important with a behind-the-ear hearing device. These hearing aids are customized to order based on your needs at the time, but can be adjusted at home over time as your needs or preferences change.

Features of the A++ Symphron Power

-100% digital technology
-Completely personalized specifications
-Smaller size
-QuadComp compression that improves hearing in loud environments
-12 channels for exact adjustments of sound
-Loud Sound Limiter to protect from damaging noises
-Easy access volume control
-Tri-Layered Noise Reduction that helps reduce background noise
-Adaptive Phase Feedback Control for elimination of feedback
-Versatile technology can be used for moderate to severe hearing loss


The A++ Symphron Power hearing aid retails for $1,195 for a single aid, or $2,390 per pair. This is a significant savings when you order online, as compared to spending 2-4 times as much at a local hearing center. Each order comes with the Personal Programming Kit, which includes the software and Virtual Technician services to tweak your device over time.

The A++ Symphron Power aid also includes a one-year warranty on damage and defects, which doesn’t include coverage for misuse, excessive damage, or loss of your hearing aid. Extended warranty plans can be purchased for 1-2 years, and any hearing aids that need repaired are covered for an additional 6 months from the time of repair. If you prefer, you can pay an extra $30 to get another year of coverage from the date of repair.

The Bottom Line

The A++ Symphron Power hearing aid is an affordable, versatile solution for all types of hearing loss. The customization features and advanced technology use are definitely beneficial to users, although the warranty does leave something to be desired. All in all, this device is worth considering for those who want better technology in their hearing aids.

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