A+ RIC Open Fit Behind The Ear Hearing Aid


The A+ RIC Open Fit is a digital hearing aid. This behind-the-ear style aid features the latest technology, including a nearly invisible tube and sound tips, and the receiver-in-canal style that many people enjoy. The device is uniquely designed to blend in with the natural skin and hair tones that you have, and includes better frequency options for a reduction of feedback on the higher frequencies. The A+ RIC Open Fit is primarily designed for those with moderate hearing loss at high frequency levels, where understanding speech is difficult. Of course, a custom earpiece addition can extend the fit range of this hearing aid to those who have more severe hearing loss, as well.


-Receiver in canal (RIC) technology
-12 channels for the entire hearing spectrum of coverage
-Complete customization to your specific hearing needs
-QuadComp compression for noisy settings
-100% digital technology
-Advanced design
-Four memory settings and adjustable switching based on situations, providing flexibility
-Adaptive Phase Feedback Control, which eliminates feedback without an effect on gain
-Loud Sound Limiter to protect from damaging noises in the environment
-Tri-Layer Noise Reduction, which helps eliminate noises in the everyday world
-Programmable with virtual technician support and software included


The A+ RIC costs $995.00, which means for about $2,000.00, you can have a pair of these hearing aids when you buy them online. In a typical hearing center, you’d pay 2-3 times more for these aids, which is one of the benefits of buying online.

In addition, these hearing aids come with a one year warranty against damage and defects, excluding excessive damage and loss of the device. If you choose, you can purchase an extended warranty for 1-2 years of additional coverage. In the event of a claim against the warranty, devices are given another 6 months of warranty coverage. For $30, however, you can increase that extension to a full 12 months if you prefer.

The Bottom Line

The A+ RIC hearing aid is a high tech hearing device. It offers more comfort than most behind-the-ear devices and includes an array of features that are designed to give you the best in hearing devices today. The small, nearly invisible tubes and receiver make it appealing in comfort and design for wearers who want something discreet and the technology provides cutting-edge hearing improvement. While the warranty does leave something to be desired, the A+ RIC is definitely worth a look for anyone who needs high-tech hearing solutions.

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