A+ Freestyle Open Fit Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Review


The A+ Freestyle Open Fit BTE is a behind-the-ear style hearing device, designed using the latest technology in hearing support. This digital hearing aid includes a small case and tubes and sound tips that are nearly invisible, offering maximum comfort and discretion for the wearer. This device is unique because it is designed to blend in with hair and skin tones, decreasing the visibility of the aid even further. The A+ Freestyle Open Fit is specifically designed for people with moderate hearing loss at high frequencies, but it can be customized with an additional earpiece to extend its range and provide assistance for those with more severe hearing loss issues.


-12-band equalizer that provides 12 channels of sound adjustment
-Completely programmable device that can be changed with your needs over time
-QuadComp compression to improve hearing in loud environments
-Situational switching and four memory settings for flexibility
-Loud Sound Limited to prevent damage from environment noises
-Tri-Layer Noise Reduction, which helps eliminate the sounds of the world around you
-Virtual technician and software for programming included
-Acoustic design that reduces the plugged up or echo feeling
-100% digital technology


The A+ Freestyle Open Fit retails for about $995 online, which allows you to get a set of top-quality hearing devices for around $2,000. In stores, you’d pay as much as 3 times more, which is why many people prefer to shop online for their hearing devices.

The A+ Freestyle Open Fit includes a one-year warranty and a year of service and support for programming, which can be extended by the purchase of an additional warranty. The warranty does not cover loss of the device or extensive damage, but it will protect against some damage and manufacturer defects or malfunctions. In the event of a warranty claim, the coverage is extended for 6 months from the date of repair. Again, you can pay to extend the warranty coverage if you desire.

The Bottom Line

This product offers the latest technology at a reasonable price. It does seem a bit lacking in terms of the product warranty, but that isn’t usually a major issue for people who take care of their devices. The high-tech features offer some of the best hearing assistance that is available today, which makes this device one worth considering. If you need a hearing aid for moderate hearing loss, the A+ Freestyle Open Fit might be what you are looking for.

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