What is an Adjustable Bed?

If you’ve ever been awake late at night, you’ve probably seen at least one TV commercial for adjustable beds. This type of bed is unique because it uses the power of an electric motor to be completely adjustable, depending on the specific style and frame that are chosen. The adjustment options include everything from basic reclining to advanced adjustments that allow you to position the bed any way that you like. The adjustable bed is an ideal solution for anyone with mobility or circulation issues, as well as those who have joint health issues or posture problems.

An adjustable bed has a basic frame, which supports the adjustable frame and your choice of mattress. Of course, there are limits as to which mattresses go with which beds and it will be important for you to choose a mattress that works with the bed that you have selected. The frame will come in one of three styles: two part, three part, or five part. The more parts you have, the more adjustment options you will have to choose from. Of course, you will also spend more for the increased functionality and number of options that you have.

Adjustable beds can be raised and lowered by using a remote to control the electric motor. While beds in years past were very cold and sterile, today’s adjustable bed is much more modern and stylish, with many different designs to choose from. You can select unique sizes, distinguished frames, stylish beds for all rooms of your home, and so much more. Adjustable bed options are nearly limitless today, providing you with fashion and function like never before. While these beds are primarily made with those who need assistance in mind, they can really be a great investment for anyone who wants a more unique sleeping experience.

There are adjustable height beds available within this family of sleep products, as well. You can choose from these and traditional adjustable bed models, as well as heavy duty electric beds when you need something that holds more weight than a traditional model. No matter what you might have in mind, the adjustable bed truly offers something for just about everyone.