Bay Alarm Medical

Independence is important particularly who may experience health issues while living alone.  However, independence is fragile when there is a possibility of serious falls, or being faced with an awkward or threatening situation.  This is why many seniors choose medical alert systems like those produced at Bay Alarm Medical.

Bay Alarm Medical offers high quality consumers alert systems.  The alert systems have extensive radio coverage, which often includes the entire living area, the front yard and the back yard.  In case of an power outage, the system will run for 32 hours more due to its excellent battery backup system.  Meanwhile, the built-in ultra sensitive microphone and high-output speaker makes for great clear two-way communication possible.  The best part is that the Bay Alarm Medical Alarm System is easy to install: plug in the power and phone line, then push the red button to test if it works.

The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System allows the user to contact professionally trained emergency operators with just the touch of the button.  Pushing the button will immediately connect the user to the call center, wherein an operator will contact a loved one or if necessary, the operator will dispatch an ambulance, police or firefighters to the home.

A Bay Alarm Medical Alert System can be had for as low as $19.95 a month.  Consumers need not worry about hidden fees, long-term contracts or shipping fees; all they will get is a medical alert system that provides protection for the user 24/7.

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