My Child ID

It is a fact that the elderly are prone to accidents and emergencies, but most people are unaware that young children are also at risk. In fact, there are thousands of children under the age of 15 brought to emergency rooms every single day. The sad part is that most of the emergencies involve kids younger than four years old. An emergency can happen anytime, which is why it is absolutely necessary for parents to have easy access to their child’s medical history and other vital information. With the My Child ID device, getting key medical information is a breeze.

So what does the My Child ID do? The device enables parents to properly organize, store and manage vital information that are crucial in any emergency. The My Child ID allows any parent to store and organize pictures, as well as important information about the child. This includes medical information such as allergies, blood types and medications. The device also keeps contact information of family, friends, babysitters, teachers and doctors. Moreover, My Child ID lets parents send Private Alerts to contacts. The best part about this device is that it fits in the palm of one’s hands. A parent gets all the necessary information in one handy package. In case there is an emergency, the parent can simply get the device and hold it in his or her hands. Indeed, the My Child ID device allows parents to have instant access to vital information in the event of an emergency.