Anybody can find the video below amusing or entertaining. After all, what is not to like about a video that features LEGO? However, this clip was not created for purposes of entertainment. It was made to show how medical emergencies can happen anytime and that something as useful as the MedicAlert emblems can help in addressing a medical condition before it gets worse. As shown by the clip, a MedicAlert emblem (a bracelet in this specific situation) enabled medical personnel to respond immediately to the emergency, especially when a young person is involved. Because the emergency responders knew immediately about Charlie’s diabetes, he was able to receive necessary treatment from physicians in no time.

MedicAlert emblems are available in two forms: bracelets and necklets. Each emblem includes a disc which includes the MedicAlert symbol. The back of the disc contains all the necessary information about the wearer, such as vital details and medical conditions. Every person has a corresponding personal ID number or membership number to be found on the bottom of the disc. Also included is a 24-hour emergency telephone number; medical and emergency personnel can call the given number to get additional details that would be required in some situations, such as the wearer’s name and address, next of kin, doctor’s details and current medications. In the event of the emergency, the accessories from MedicAlert would be very helpful due to the information it holds. Indeed, the MedicAlert emblems can help save lives in the most critical situations.