Direct Alert

You may not have heard of Direct Alert because it is not the most common medical alert system but those who use it generally have positive comment regarding it.  Direct Alert is very popular in Canada. Of the many medical response systems available in the market, why should you choose Direct Alert? Direct Alert offers a first class product that comes with impressive customer service. Most importantly you will not be burdened by long term contracts and unnecessary fees.  With direct alert you get a quality product, at a reasonable price.

So what features does Direct Alert offer? It is a two-way, wireless home emergency response system.  It can be used by anyone who needs help in case there is an emergency.  It is something that offers you and your loved ones peace of mind since it guarantees that someone will always be available for assistance.  Anybody can use it but it is most ideal to be utilized by elders who live alone, or those people with medical conditions or walking difficulties.

Direct Alert consists of two main components: a control panel and a personal help button.  When there is an emergency, the two-way voice speakerphone in the control panel will allow you to communicate with the Emergency Response Center.  Meanwhile, it is the personal help button which will send a signal for help through the panel and directly to the Emergency Response Center.  The button is waterproof and has a range of 600 feet from the panel.  It can be worn on the wrist, as a necklace or pin.

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