Independent living can be risky for seniors.  Not only are the elderly vulnerable to falling, but they are also vulnerable to many kinds of accidents.  However, this does not mean that seniors cannot live securely in their own homes.  With the LifeFone Medical Alert System, it is possible for the older folks to live on their own without worry or fear.

The biggest risk with seniors when it comes to living independently is dealing with the unexpected medical emergencies.  Without warning, an older individual can suffer from a fall, a heart attack or stroke.  In such cases it would be extremely dangerous for the said individual to go without medical assistance for more than a few minutes.  The quicker the response, the lower the risk of disability and death for the person involved.  The LifeFone Medical Alert System allows any person, senior or not, to have instant access to help in the event of an emergency.

The most fundamental aspect of the system is the medical alert bracelet or pendant.  This device has a button that calls the LifeFone Emergency Response Center immediately, notifying the designated doctor, relatives and friends of the person who pressed the button that there is an emergency.  The medical
assistance that LifeFone provides can be expected by the user anytime; assistance from the trained Emergency Care Specialists is available 24 hours a day, 365 a year.  Indeed, there can be peace of mind at all times with the help of the LifeFone Medical Alert System.