Sentry Telecare

To give the seniors the independence they want without leaving them helpless during emergencies, most people purchase personal emergency response systems or medical alarms.  It is these products that give them the assurance that their older loved ones will get the help they need when they need it.  However, there are other ways to have peace of mind when seniors are concerned.

Sentry Telecare provides a great alternative to all the medical alert systems in the market.  Instead of providing personal emergency response equipment, Sentry Telecare offers seniors daily telephone check-in and emergency response care service.  There is no need for addition equipment such as consoles and transmitter buttons; all that is needed is the existing home telephone.  Hence, there is no installation or usage to worry about.

So how does the Sentry Telecare phone service work? Everyday, an interactive voice will call the subscriber on schedule on a designated time.  The recorded voice will prompt the subscriber to either press
one is everything is okay and press two if assistance from the designated contact persons is needed.  If the check-in call is not answered or no button is pressed when the call is answered, Sentry Telecare’s voice response system immediately calls the contact persons.  Those who already have medical alert systems can use this service for additional security.

The Sentry Telecare check-in service is convenient and affordable, with a monthly fee of $30 for three check-ins a day.  It is a small price to pay for peace of mind.