VRI Medical Alert

For the past 20 years, VRI has saved many lives by providing seniors and at-risk individuals with home health care monitoring solutions that have been recognized by the healthcare industry.  At present, the company continues to save lives, but now as the leading provider of medical monitoring services.  The quality of VRI products are impressive, making them a worthy investment when it comes to home care.

VRI became an established name because of the medical alert systems it offers.  Now, there are two medical alert systems to choose from, both of which are effective in keeping seniors and disabled persons safe and independent in their own homes.  The first one is the traditional VRI medical alert system.  It is easy to use and features the smallest waterproof medical alert help button in the industry.  The console features a strong two-way communicator and rechargeable backup battery; it is capable of auto-self testing and can cover 600 to 800 feet.  When emergency help is needed, the subscriber just has to push the button and a Care Center Representative will answer in seconds.

VRI also has the product that proves to be cutting-edge when it comes to medical alert systems.  It is called the DIGI Pal, derived from DIGICARE.  This medical alert unit was created by VRI in response to the increasing number of seniors who are using VoIP service.  The DIGI Pal from VRI is the only medical alert system in the market designed to function with digital phone or VoIP services.