Personal Response

There are countless medical alarm and alert systems in the market today.  One of them is the Personal Response Emergency Alert and Response System or EARS.  Why should one choose this system over the rest?  One good reason is that by picking out this particular system, one gets technologically advanced equipment from a company dedicated to healthcare.At first glance, it seems like the Personal Response EARS is no different from all the others available in the market.  The system was created to provide peace of mind by making instant emergency help one touch away.  The system consists of the EARS Console, and the pendant that features the transmitter button to be pushed when an emergency takes place.  The Personal Response EARS requires easy installation, and works even when the power is out.  The buyer will get 24-hour emergency monitoring for only $29.95 a month.

If the Personal Response EARS works the same way as every other system, why should it be the one chosen? It should be chosen because the company behind it has been dedicated to home health service
from the very beginning.  Personal Response Corp. began as part of a home health service company.  It was in 1990 when they started providing EARS to consumers.  Because a company that knows much
about home health service is in the best position to provide equipment related to it, Personal Response Corp. is the ideal supplier of these systems because they know what is needed to promote health at home.