Medical Alert Systems Offer Protection Beyond Medical Emergencies

Senior citizens already know the many health and safety benefits of medical alert systems when they live alone and need assistance. These devices can help in the event of a medical emergency, including slips and falls, heart attacks, and more. However, did you know that medical alert systems can also help protect you from other risks in your home? According to an article published this month, an 89-year old woman from Knox County, Tennessee was saved two years ago from something very different than a medical emergency.

Saving people’s lives is the intention of medical alert devices, but no one could have imagined that it would have worked in such a way. Apparently, this woman was woken around five in the morning by a man breaking into her house. She quickly pressed the call button on the medical alert device to get help. While she was laying in bed, the suspect reportedly attempted to remove the necklace once he noticed the automatic response of the alert system. However, he knew that he was in danger of being caught and quickly fled the scene without the necklace, and without harming the woman.

The intruder was never captured, but the woman has peace of mind to this day because she knows that her medical alert system quite possibly saved her life that day, and at least saved her from losing some of her most valuable possessions.

The moral of the story?

While medical alert systems DO help protect seniors in the event of a fall or medical emergency, they can offer much more safety and peace of mind than you might realize. Scaring away an intruder might not seem like a big deal, but the woman in this story knows different because it was her safety that was at stake and her medical alert system truly saved the day.

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