American Senior Safety

All to often, an elderly person is placed in an emergency situation: it can be either a medical emergency, fire or even an intruder.  Normally help can be summoned if a phone is within  reach but what happens if it is not? What if a problem is encounter when getting their mail, putting out trash or working in the garden? With the American Senior Safety medical alarm, any senior can get the help he or she needs even when the phone is out of reach.

The American Senior Safety medical alarm system includes a Help Button also known as a transmitter and a Medical Alarm Speaker Box that  is attached to the phone jack and electrical outlet.  The Help Button can be worn either on the neck or the wrist.  When the button is pushed, the transmitter contacts the 24-hour monitoring center.  In about 40 seconds, a Voice to Voice channel is opened for communication.  The conversation is made possible through the Speaker Box, which has a loud speaker and super-sensitive microphone.  The operator will contact a family member or dispatch local emergency personnel, depending on the situation.

One of the most attractive part about the American Senior Safety alarm system is the price.  A consumer gets safety and security for only $23.95 a month, no set up charges or installation fees.  Plus, one gets remarkable customer service along with the great alarm service.  Indeed, the American Senior Safety medical alarm system is one of the top products out there.

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