Best Medical Alert

Seniors wish to live independently at home, but sometimes they need a Companion in case a potentially dangerous situation takes place.  Family members cannot be with them all the time, but they should not be left alone on their own devices.  When relatives cannot give assistance to the elders 24/7, the Best Medical Alert system will do it for them.

The personal emergency response system from Best Medical Alert includes the Call Button and the Care Monitor.  The Call Button is waterproof, and can be worn either as a wrist pendant or as a necklace.  The Call Monitor, that which is attached to the phone, can work for both land and cable VoIP lines.  In case of an
emergency, all the user has to do is push the Call Button.  In just a few seconds, an operator trained for medical alert monitoring will make voice contact through the two-way voice Care Communicator in the Care Monitor.  The operator, also known as the Help Advisor, will talk with the user through speakerphone; he or she will also call for emergency assistance and contact relatives or neighbors.

Not all medical alert systems are the same, as proven by the Best Medical Alert system.  It can be purchased for as low as $17.95 a month, and comes with a 45-day Money Back Guarantee.  The price of the system is the only thing to be paid, as there are no shipping and hidden fees.  There are also no long term contracts to worry about.