Medical assistance should always be within reach.  While seniors are more vulnerable to accidents, anyone can encounter a medical problem when they are alone at home.  This is why medical alarm equipment are necessary.  There are many medical alarm systems available in the market, so a consumer has a wide
selection to choose from.  However, most of them are costly, especially since they come with monthly charges.  For those looking for an inexpensive option, the LifeLink medical alarm system is something to consider.

The people behind LifeLink medical alarm systems has one mission: to offer customers an affordable alternative to all the  medical alarm equipment out there.  It seeks to make immediate medical assistance accessible without the hefty price tag.  It seems like the company has succeeded and continues to fulfill this mission, as the product is recommended by physicians, nurses and eldercare professionals to encourage independent living.

The LifeLink medical alarm system can be purchased for a one-time fee, can be received in three to four business days and can be installed in less than 15 minutes.  There are no monthlycharges because this medical alarm system does not require monitoring.  Rather than connect the user to a monitoring center,
this medical alarm allows the person to program the numbers of family members, friends as well as 911.  Hence, the emergency phone call is sent directly to people who can provide the help needed.  Because it is portable, the LifeLink medical alarm system can provide help wherever you are.