Seconds Save Lives

The woman speaking on the video cannot be more right when she said that ‘emergencies never come with a warning.’ It is true that danger can strike anytime, threatening the lives of people especially when they are unprepared. It is a fact that an illness, accident or any kind of danger cannot be predicted; it can come at a time when it is least expected. This is why people should always be prepared, or at least have easy access to help when it is suddenly needed. This is what Seconds Save Lives is all about: providing direct medical assistance to those who need it when they need it. As proven by the name itself, the company knows that during an emergency, every second counts. Seconds make all the difference in a life and death situation, and precious time should not be wasted on waiting for emergency responders to come along.

Second Saves Lives sets itself apart from the medical alert systems that are currently available in the market. The EMTs who answer the call can immediately help the person on the other line with regards to what to do during an emergency. As the emergency responders make their way to the scene, people can already help themselves with the advice of the EMTs. With Second Saves Lives, help can be accessed in three ways: through a wireless wall mount button, a 2-way audio pendant or by calling the hotline directly. Indeed, help is within reach thanks to Second Saves Lives.