Many people are unaware of how falls can lead to serious injuries and deaths of seniors at home. This is why watching the video below can serve as an eye-opening experience to those who fail to grasp how falls can significantly affect the lives of senior citizens and their loved ones. It is shocking to discover the truth behind the statistics provided: falls can be very dangerous, as it leads to both fatal and nonfatal injuries for the elderly in the United States. While the facts are alarming, people need not be scared. Instead, they should be proactive: they should do everything that can be done to prevent falls from occurring in the home. After all, no one wants to lose a parent or loved one that way.

When it comes to fall prevention and quick emergency response, MedFirstAlert is most helpful. The best way to address the problem for seniors is to prevent falls from happening in the first place. Through the fall prevention checklist provided, homeowners can assess their homes for the usual causes of falls and do what is required to minimize the risk. Meanwhile, the MedFirstAlert medical alert system makes immediate emergency response possible in case a fall does occur. The system, which consists of an electronic console and small transmitter, offers its subscribers around the clock assistance in the event of an emergency, whatever it may be. Therefore, the family members and loved ones can enjoy peace of mind when the elder is living independently.