Did you know that for less than a dollar a day you can give either yourself, your parent or a senior citizen you know the opportunity to live independently without fear or worry? With only $29.95 a month, it is possible to have security and piece of mind when living alone when you purchase the MedFirstAlert home system.  This is because the product allows anyone to get help immediately in the event of an emergency.

The MedFirstAlert home system consists of two primary components: a base console to be connected to the user’s phone line and a small wireless, waterproof pendant.  The system also includes a plug-in power supply and a phone cord.  The pendant can be worn either as a wrist band or a pendant.  During an emergency, the user must press either the activation button on the console or the pendant.   A signal will be sent to the Emergency Response Center, and a two-way hands free conversation will take place between the operator and the user through the console speakerphone.  Depending on the situation, family members or emergency personnel will be called.

While the MedFirstAlert home system features superior technology, it is easy to install and operate.  The user simply has to plug the console on the wall, plug the telephone cord into the phone jack and press the wireless button to test the system.  A live care specialist
will confirm that everything is working properly.  The installation and testing can be done in less than 5 minutes.