Perpetual Traveling in Retirement

When you retire, traveling can be a dream that you’re finally able to live out. For some people, perpetual traveling is the preferred option. If you want to pick up your roots and roam the world for the rest of your life, that’s something that you can do. This requires a certain amount of planning, however, and is something that you’ll have to take into consideration in many ways. You will have to check out your finances, your family and friends, your living situation, and other elements that will be affected by your decision.


Being a constant traveler is definitely fun and exciting. You can go anywhere and do anything. The penalty, of course, is that you’re going to be away from your family and friends a lot of the time. If you have strong ties to these people, that can be hard to accept at first. However, if you can work it out so that you can make visits, it will help you deal with the change.


Trust me, I’ve considered perpetual traveling myself. If it weren’t for my husband, who prefers occasional vacations to constantly being on the go, I might be out there right now. I didn’t give up my dream for him, at all. I just knew that I wanted to travel after I retired in some way, and the way where we still have a home to come back to is what we agreed upon. Nonetheless, I do understand the need to get up and go.


Planning is everything. Make sure that you’re preparing for this transition carefully. If you can, take the first few months of your retirement to get everything in place. As long as you can prepare yourself and deal with cutting your ties to a ‘traditional’ life, you can have a great time traveling the world in retirement, no matter where you go or how you get there. Some people buy an RV. Others just move from one place to the next. Some rent timeshares around the world. The means are not as important as the execution. Just get out there and have fun if this is your retirement dream, because the world is waiting!