Buying an RV Vs. Renting- What to Consider

RV travel is one of the most popular options for people during retirement. There are a lot of different ways that you can go about seeing the world but renting or purchasing an RV definitely gives you a new sense of adventure in your travel. I’ve been a lot of places and taken many trips, but the one time that my husband and I took an RV tour across America, it was the best time of my life. We rented our vehicle because it was a one-time excursion, but there are some people who are in a position to consider buying.


There isn’t really a guaranteed way that you can know whether renting or buying is the right decision. You just have to look at the facts and your future travel plans to consider which is the better investment. For example, if you are taking a month-long trip and you know it’s the only time you’re going to rent an RV, renting is the better option. However, if you like taking road trips and can come up with a list of trips or places you can go, you might look into buying a used RV so that you have one on hand when you need it.


Generally, you can find older model RVs for affordable prices. When you compare them to the cost of renting, you might find that it offers a better solution. The only difference is that when you rent, you’ll get the latest models with all the gadgets and technology. You CAN buy models like this, but I typically see people buying older models to save money and get an affordable option for road trip travel. It’s really going to be up to you to figure out what you need. If you have enough plans made or a desire to travel this way, it might be justified to buy an RV. It’s really something to think about so that you can spend your money accordingly.


Some people even choose to buy an RV after retirement and become perpetual travelers, going wherever the road takes them and never settling down in one place for too long. It can be a great adventure if you’re into the idea, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Just take a little time to look at the facts and think about the costs involved so that you can make the right decision.