Companionship in Retirement- Because Everybody Needs Someone Sometimes

During the work years, people tend to stay pretty busy in their life. Once retirement rolls around, however, relationships tend to get strained or simply disappear. For people who are single or widowed, it can be difficult to get by when you’ve moved on to the second stage of life and don’t have the same connections that you once did. Of course, there are people who aren’t interested in relationships or serious commitments, which can lead to a little bit of uncertainty as to what to do. The middle ground between friends and lovers, which is known as companionship, works for many people.


Companionship is an option that a lot of people inadvertently choose. If you find someone who you connect with on more levels than normal friends do, you’ll probably want to spend more time with them. Having this connection without actually taking it to a physical or romantic level, for some people, is the perfect solution to having that ‘someone’ in their lives. In my professional career, I’ve counseled many people who are seeking something like this, or who could benefit immensely from it. It just makes sense for a lot of people who aren’t looking for romantic relationships, as well as many others.


What exactly your companionship relationship is, is entirely up to you. You might fall into this relationship without thinking, which is the case for some people. If that’s the case, you don’t really have much to worry about. Of course, if you’re deliberately seeking a companion for your second act of life, you can go out in search of what you want just as if you were attempting to date or make new friends. There’s no shame in needing and wanting a relationship that goes a little further than a typical friendship. It’s a natural human desire to have a bond like that, and for those of you who never married or who have lost a spouse, this might be the best solution.


You can learn more about companionship and building relationships by checking out the rest of my blog or looking around online for networking groups and forums where you can meet others like you who are seeking new companions.