Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Relationships

When you get to retirement, you have a lot of different things to deal with. Your life is essentially changing all over again. One of the most difficult areas for people to deal with after they retire is relationships. Most people have established relationships in the workplace and once you stop working, it can be hard to keep those going. In some cases, you might have friends who aren’t retired yet and even though you have free time, their lives are still busy and it’s difficult to find time to spend together.


Retirement is a chance to re-invent yourself and your life. Unfortunately, you might also have to establish new relationships and find people who have similar interests now that yours are changing. Once you get past the school years, making friends is never easy. This late in life, it can seem nearly impossible. However, you do need to make sure that you’ve got friends and people who you can depend on or spend time with so that you’re not getting lonely in your retirement.


Find activities that you like to do. Find people who like to do them, if you can. Often, if you enjoy recreational activities that involve teams or multiple people, you can make a lot of friends simply by going out to places and engaging with others. Maybe you’ll pick up a round of golf with the guys at the club. Perhaps you can enjoy joining a group of walkers at your local community center or mall. It doesn’t really matter what types of activities you enjoy because you can use those to build relationships in retirement when you are trying to re-invent your life after the working years.


It’s hard enough to figure out who you are once you’re not married to your job. Add finding and building relationships to that and it can be hard. Trust me, I’ve counseled people for years who struggle with themselves and their relationships after the working years are finished. It’s all about putting in the effort to get what you want from the social side of your retirement.