How the Healthcare Bill Affects Retirees

Everyone’s abuzz about the healthcare reform bill. There are some people who are for it, some who are against it, and some who just don’t understand it. I was part of the latter group, so I went and did some research. What I found out was quite interesting, and might help you better understand what you are looking at in terms of healthcare coverage. People who are in retirement or nearing retirement age are really going to benefit from the healthcare reform bill. It gives them fewer expenses and more perks, including:


-No more ‘donut hole’ in prescription coverage. With this bill, people can save a lot of money on their prescription costs.


-More options for coverage without the hassle of ‘pre-existing condition’ denials. Starting in 2014, retirees can buy insurance at affordable costs regardless of their state of health.


-Reimbursement for testing and preventative procedures. There will be no co-payments or deductibles, allowing people to get the necessary preventative care that they need.


These are just a few of the perks that we’re getting as a part of this healthcare reform bill. A lot of people are balking at the idea still, simply because it doesn’t cater to their lifestyle or they don’t understand it. However, there are a lot of things to consider if you need more from your healthcare solutions. There are also some flaws in this plan, if you ask around, and it might not be as shiny and happy as it looks.


When it comes to something like healthcare reform, you really have to do your homework. With so much to consider, you should do a little light reading to explore more about how this reform affects your healthcare expenses and insurance protection. There is all sorts of information out there from various sources, including popular news websites, allowing you to educate yourself on the future of your healthcare coverage.