At present, most of the cellphones available in the market have too many unnecessary features. In a time when almost everyone owns a cellphone, these extra features can become a hindrance to those whose cellphone usage is limited to the basics. Senior citizens these days also have cellphones to communicate, but they often just use the gadget to call or text. However, the complicated models may be more of an obstruction to communication. Thankfully, there are the easy-to-use cellphones from Just5. The company makes cellphones which are most appropriate for the elderly, those which are functional without the frills.

In the beginning of the video, before the product was introduced, the gadgets shown looked like calculators because of the huge buttons. It is actually these features that make the Just5 product most appropriate for seniors. The cellphone is very easy to use for the elderly, thanks to the big buttons and amplified sound. The big buttons (as well as the display) allow older adults to see better when dialing or texting, while the loud sound is an advantage for those with hearing difficulties. Other remarkable features include the speaking keypad, flashlight and FM radio. However, the feature that makes the Just5 phone the best product for seniors is the emergency SOS button, The Just5 phone is probably the only cellphone with a medical alert system built on the back. This is important especially for senior citizens, who would require instant response from the authorities in the event of an emergency.