LifeSafety Monitoring and MediPendant

When it comes to personal emergency response systems and monitoring, the partnership of LifeSafety Monitoring and MediPendant is the one to beat.  With the exceptional monitoring service of the former and the innovative technology of the latter, immediate medical assistance has never been so impressive.

Most medical alarm systems today include a base console and a personal help button.  During an emergency, the user often has to be near the base console to communicate with an operator.  With the MediPendant medical alert system, one need not be near the base console because the user can speak to an operator from the monitoring call center directly through the pendant.  Because the pendant itself has a two-way voice speakerphone technology, the user has immediate access to medical assistance wherever he or she goes in the house.  The pendant is water-resistant, has up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 30 hours of backup battery time.

As MediPendant provides the medical alert system, it is LifeSafety Monitoring that provides the monitoring.  LifeSafety Monitoring is the exclusive call center for the MediPendant medical alert system.  It is the only medical alert monitoring company with certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) trained to give on-call assistance.  The staff, which also include bilingual operators, are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.  Depending on the situation, they will contact either loved ones or local authorities.  Indeed, the partnership of LifeSafety Monitoring and MediPendant is one which guarantees help is quickly on the way.