Lawn Bowling through Retirement- Fun and Competition for All Ages

Al and Cheryl Minvielle met in high school, and are graduates of the class of 1965. They’ve enjoyed many things throughout their life and are now trying to find unique ways to enjoy their retirement. One of the activities that they have recently gotten hooked on is lawn bowling. Cheryl has earned some trophies in the sport, while Al talks frequently about how it’s more than a game. To these two, and other active adults that are looking for ways to enjoy retirement, activities like lawn bowling can be a great way to have fun and make friends.

These clubs are able to help retirees create friendships and a sense of community with other people who share their interests and their stage in life. It gives them something to do together, a way to stay active, and an enjoyable activity to pass the time. Most people who begin their retirement aren’t quite sure what to do with themselves at first. Al and Cheryl were in this situation until they found lawn bowling, which now allows them to dedicate their time to a fun activity that they love. Cheryl even volunteers to help with landscaping projects at their local lawn bowling club to keep things looking great and functioning for herself and other players.

Lawn bowling might not be for everyone, but for AL and Cheryl Minvielle, it has become a great way to get more out of their free time now that they’re not working. It keeps them active, engaged in their community, and keeps them entertained throughout the year. Any type of sport is definitely great to add to your retirement to-do list, whether it’s lawn bowling or any other activity.